Irish Fishermen Sway Russian Naval Plans

Irish Fishermen Sway Russian Naval Plans

Fishermen in Castletownbere, Ireland, successfully influenced a change in Russia’s naval exercise plans that threatened their fishing grounds.

The Russian government had intended to conduct military drills off the Irish coast, causing concern among the local community. Patrick Murphy, a local fishing organization leader, met with the Russian Ambassador to Ireland, Yury Filatov, to express these concerns. SOURCE & IMAGE CNN NEWS

Despite initial resistance, the Russian government eventually decided to relocate the exercises, ensuring the safety of the fishing area. This decision was celebrated in Castletownbere, demonstrating the power of dialogue and negotiation.

Aging Independently & The Role of Infrastructure

Aging Independently & The Role of Infrastructure

Politicians often tout terms like “Accessibility” and “Inclusion”, especially when discussing the care of the aged.However, these words often remain just that – words.

The reality is that the maintenance of basic infrastructure, which can mean the difference between independent living and needing care, is often overlooked. When people can’t access local amenities like shops, libraries, or doctors, life becomes bleak. READ MORE BELOW

They lose social skills, risk malnutrition, and neglect self-care, leading to health issues. Prioritizing infrastructure in our neighborhoods is essential for independent living. For instance, the state of the footpath at the junction of Bishopstown Ave and Bishopstown Ave West, a predominantly elderly neighborhood, is a glaring example of this neglect. It’s high time we address these issues seriously

Storm Kathleen: A Blow to Ireland’s Fishing

Storm Kathleen: A Blow to Ireland’s Fishing

Storm Kathleen has brought strong winds and severe weather conditions to parts of Ireland1. This has caused significant disruption to various sectors, including the fishing industry. Castletownbere, a port town in County Cork, Ireland, known for being a regionally important fishing port2, has been particularly affected.

The storm has forced many fishing vessels to remain docked at ports like Castletownbere3. This is a significant setback as it is the first weekend of April and the lucrative prawn fishery on the Porcupine Bank closes in three weeks for Irish trawlers 

The financial implications of this are substantial. The fishing boats, unable to venture out into the sea, are set to lose millions. These boats typically have to travel hundreds of miles, consuming a considerable amount of fuel. With the boats docked, they are not only incurring costs but also losing out on potential earnings3.

Moreover, the storm’s aftermath may prolong the recovery process. Even after the storm has passed, the boats may have to remain docked until the sea conditions are deemed safe for navigation. This extended downtime could further exacerbate the financial losses for the fishing industry.

In conclusion, Storm Kathleen has had a profound impact on the fishing industry, particularly in regions like Castletownbere. The forced inactivity of the fishing fleet due to the storm is resulting in significant financial losses, highlighting the vulnerability of such industries to extreme weather events.

Fighting for Accessible Public Spaces

Fighting for Accessible Public Spaces

Highlighting the struggles faced by people with mobility challenges in public spaces and advocating for improved accessibility.

The struggles and obstacles that people with disabilities and anyone young or old who has mobility challenges face when they are out and about are quite exhausting. Complicated Pedestrian Crossings are a real danger. This one at the junction of Inniscarra Rd and the Main Road is notorious for cars jumping the lights . In order to cross one section of road we have to through 3 sets of lights. Every time you cross a road you take a risk.

The second photo is off an electric car charging point at the newly constructed Lidl, where the cable from the car traverses the only footpath access. Footpaths and pedestrian access are only an afterthought.

Does anyone actually review these at the planning stage?  Does anyone cast a critical eye over them? This is something that really gets to me! Political Parties and State Institutions are all talk about Inclusion and Integration. They’ll be knocking at your door waxing lyrical. Yet, a look around the locality at the infrastructure and poor maintenance of footpaths will tell you a lot about the priority placed on access and independent living. People with Disabilities are generally pedestrians or using public transport, yet considerations around access are always something that has to be justified and fought for.
Access and Independent Living are something which I will pursue at Council level for the benefit of everyone in our community.
Dog Fouling: A Hidden Health Hazard

Dog Fouling: A Hidden Health Hazard

Dog Fouling: A Hidden Health HazardThis is a personal account of the health risks and social implications of dog fouling, emphasizing the need for greater attention and initiative

Today Dog Fouling cost me €30 and a lot of unnecessary hassle and anxiety. Not because I was fined, but because my son who has an Intellectual Disability, stood in it while we were on our way to the cinema and attempted to clean himself by wiping it off on his clothes. This necessitated a diversion into Dunnes to buy a new tracksuit pants and a quick change and wash in the toilets. He’s 6ft 3ins. He doesn’t adjust easily to change of plans or stress. He doesn’t understand the risks of dog faeces.

Every year Disability Organisations and Campaigners, myself included, highlight the risks around dog fouling. It is something when neglected and allowed to develop has a huge impact on the independence and mobility of people with disabilities. This is something that we need to have more focus. The health risks are significant. Dog faeces contains Campylobacter which causes severe tummy upsets. It may also contain Toxomara Canis, Dog Roundworm,. This can damage internal organs and cause blindness.

This is something that I would like to bring to Cork City Council for more attention and greater initiative. It’s something that really doesn’t get the attention it deserves. Not only from the point of view of the health risks but the social aspects. It is a real sign of a downturn in an area when there is a Dog Fouling problem that is left unattended. We need to do better for our neighbourhoods for our physical and mental health.

Revitalizing Ireland’s Fishing Sector A Call to Action

Revitalizing Ireland’s Fishing Sector A Call to Action

Revitalizing Ireland’s Fishing Sector A Call to ActionPatrick Murphy, CEO of Irish South and West Fisheries Producers, has made a passionate plea to the Irish government. He urges them to show their commitment to the fishing industry by launching a campaign promoting fish consumption in Ireland.

This initiative aims to educate the public about the health benefits of fish and support the struggling fishing sector. Murphy highlights that the fishing industry, currently contributing €1.3 billion to the economy and providing over 11,000 jobs, could flourish with government backing.

He emphasizes the untapped potential of Ireland’s rich marine resources, which could significantly boost the economy and create sustainable jobs. However, he also points out the challenges faced by the fishing community, including harsh working conditions and low wages.

Murphy questions why the government isn’t doing more to protect the rights of the indigenous Irish fishing communities. He calls for a fairer distribution of fish caught in Irish waters and stresses the need for the government to fight for these rights in Europe

Water Safety in the Regional Park

Water Safety in the Regional Park

Water Safety in the Regional ParkIt is a sad and alarming fact that drownings are an ever present danger where there is a body of water. The community in Ballincollig is all too aware of this. We are blessed to have this amazing recreational facility in the Regional Park but it is not without risk and we must be vigilant.

On average between 2017 and 2021 there have been a total of 118 drownings per year in Ireland.

Males represent 76% of drownings in Ireland.

Some aspects of drowning that we should all be aware of is that it is often silent and fast.

In 67% of cases people are engaged in other recreational activities such as walking, hiking, swimming before they drown.

Where children are concerned, vigilance is the single greatest factor in reducing child drownings, according to Water Safety Ireland.
(All statistics from Water Safety Ireland)

As a frequent user of the Park I’ve had a few close shaves near the water myself. This has made me keenly aware of the potential for accidents near the water.

The opening of the Fionn Laoi Loop Walk brought a welcome new extension to the Regional Park. However, the access to the water there is extensive. It was with this in mind that I raised the issue of the absence of Lifebuoys with Cork City Council in 2021 along this stretch when it was initially opened. It gives me great satisfaction to know that the Council took swift action to rectify the situation once it was brought to their attention

Patrick Murphy Speaks Up For Small Fishing Businesses On Nation Broadcaster

Patrick Murphy Speaks Up For Small Fishing Businesses On Nation Broadcaster

Patrick Murphy Speaks Up For Small Fishing Businesses On Nation BroadcasterPatrick Murphy  spoke  about the concerns of the fishing industry in west Cork Region         

West fish producers organization representing some bigger boats say fishing is what Fishers do and they oppose any ban on larger boats everybody thinks of the big huge trawlers that are catching one species of fish called Sprat but this is going to affect every single boat over those sizes and when you look at the actual data

It’s very little that these boats are catching inside in these areas but they catch it when they need to catch it species that they cannot catch outside the 6 miles.

Regional Park Vandalism: Community Outcry & Taxpayer Burden

Regional Park Vandalism: Community Outcry & Taxpayer Burden

Regional Park Vandalism: Community Outcry & Taxpayer BurdenIt is very sad to see a distressing image of vandalism emerge, once again, from the Regional Park. Early Saturday morning this picnic bench was destroyed by fire. This seems to be a cyclical occurrence in the Park once the fine weather and brighter days approach.

Many people in our community have expressed their outrage to me that these spates of vandalism are occurring. I think there is often a notion entertained by some in authority that these are somehow victimless crimes. They aren’t. The community as a whole is a victim.

The families who use these picnic tables for recreational activities are victims and of course, the tax payer who has to foot the bill for replacement is also a victim. This type of criminal activity has a knock on effect on when it is allowed to go unchecked.

I have been in contact with Cork City Council and An Garda Siochána to express my concerns and those of the community of Ballincollig that this behaviour is taking off again in the Regional Park.

Champions of Democracy & Representation

Champions of Democracy & Representation

Champions of Democracy & RepresentationPatrick Murphy for Ireland South in the European elections acknowledge  at Nemo Rangers Count Centre That  the family referendum receives an overwhelming “no” vote. AONTÚ the sole advocate for a new vote, asserts the people’s ability to see through the government’s tactics

From local to European elections, AONTÚ stands for change & accountability.

Becky Keely also highlighted AONTÚs role in opposition, led by Peader Tobin, in dissecting the referendum’s implications.

VIEW 3 Minute Clip


Mona Stomsoe from Middleton underscores the party’s commitment to neglected communities post-floods.

Becky emphasizes the need for democracy’s strengthening and tangible government support for citizens, especially carers and families. She warns of the government’s disconnect from the public and calls for action amidst Brexit challenges, affirming parties readiness to address these issues.

As a new mother, Keely celebrates the recognition of women’s contributions in the Constitution and calls for support for AONTU’s mission of political engagement and empowerment. From local to European elections, AONTÚ stands for change & accountability.