How Digital Canvassing Can Work With Your Door Step Canvass

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Positive Articles: I have a way for crafting compelling and positive articles that highlight the outstanding work you’ve done in your community. These articles will showcase your dedication, experience, and vision, helping voters connect with your message.

Multilingual Engagement: You are aware that some people have come to our country who are entitled to vote in Local Government Elections. They do not understand English properly. We have a feature when a viewer is taken to your article and it will be scripted in the language of their device or translate it with language traslate button.

Engaging Chat Show: I can host an engaging chat show exclusively featuring you as the star guest. This will give you a platform to discuss your plans and answer questions, and connect directly with voters in an authentic and engaging manner. We’ll broadcast this show across my extensive media platforms to maximise its reach. And send the file for your own use.

Media Amplification: Through my media channels, which include YouTube, Spotify/Audio/Video. Facebook. Twitter ( X); Instagram, TikTok Threads we can ensure that your campaign’s message reaches a broader audience. Our combined efforts will create a buzz that can help sway public opinion in your favour.

Enhanced Visibility: By leveraging my media presence, we’ll increase your visibility and position you as the candidate of choice. Together, we’ll engage with voters on social media, podcasts, and interviews, keeping them informed and excited about your campaign.

QR Codes: If you require I supply QR code to attach to your poster and or print manifesto to enable viewers to engage with you and learn more about you

The bottom line is that I’m committed to being your dedicated media ally, helping you shine a spotlight on your achievements and aspirations for our community. Let’s work together to make your campaign an unforgettable success

I wish you the best of luck in your campaign!

Warm regards

Eugene.M.Quinn Cork Matters, Tel. 086 8761833 

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