At the public meeting organised by concerned parents in Silver Springs last Thursday. I was taken aback by the information given to the room and online that evening.. I was not the only one shock as you can see when I told Eddie Hobbs of our government and opposition parties betrayal of our people once more in the Brexit negotiations. All of them savaged our coastal communities by giving away our children’s right to fish in our own waters to sent future generations the opportunity to make a living from the richest waters in Europe.

We agree new people have to be elected to the next European Parliament, the recent Referendums provide clear evidence all the main political parties are no different when giving away our rights.
We stood up to be counted and those who listened to my interview with Neil Prendeville on Red FM know I was not afraid to speak out, not like other candidates now looking for your vote, telling you they will represent you in Brussels.
We now know this is not true and I ask you please think carefully of who you will give your precious vote to in June 7th and consider why I am not invited to candidate debates, nor invited to speak on many of mainstream media shows for a reason. My experience and knowledge of how politics and subsequently the decisions are made in Europe from my presence and work in Europe scares them.