Storm Kathleen has brought strong winds and severe weather conditions to parts of Ireland1. This has caused significant disruption to various sectors, including the fishing industry. Castletownbere, a port town in County Cork, Ireland, known for being a regionally important fishing port2, has been particularly affected.

The storm has forced many fishing vessels to remain docked at ports like Castletownbere3. This is a significant setback as it is the first weekend of April and the lucrative prawn fishery on the Porcupine Bank closes in three weeks for Irish trawlers 

The financial implications of this are substantial. The fishing boats, unable to venture out into the sea, are set to lose millions. These boats typically have to travel hundreds of miles, consuming a considerable amount of fuel. With the boats docked, they are not only incurring costs but also losing out on potential earnings3.

Moreover, the storm’s aftermath may prolong the recovery process. Even after the storm has passed, the boats may have to remain docked until the sea conditions are deemed safe for navigation. This extended downtime could further exacerbate the financial losses for the fishing industry.

In conclusion, Storm Kathleen has had a profound impact on the fishing industry, particularly in regions like Castletownbere. The forced inactivity of the fishing fleet due to the storm is resulting in significant financial losses, highlighting the vulnerability of such industries to extreme weather events.