Highlighting the struggles faced by people with mobility challenges in public spaces and advocating for improved accessibility.

The struggles and obstacles that people with disabilities and anyone young or old who has mobility challenges face when they are out and about are quite exhausting. Complicated Pedestrian Crossings are a real danger. This one at the junction of Inniscarra Rd and the Main Road is notorious for cars jumping the lights . In order to cross one section of road we have to through 3 sets of lights. Every time you cross a road you take a risk.

The second photo is off an electric car charging point at the newly constructed Lidl, where the cable from the car traverses the only footpath access. Footpaths and pedestrian access are only an afterthought.

Does anyone actually review these at the planning stage?  Does anyone cast a critical eye over them? This is something that really gets to me! Political Parties and State Institutions are all talk about Inclusion and Integration. They’ll be knocking at your door waxing lyrical. Yet, a look around the locality at the infrastructure and poor maintenance of footpaths will tell you a lot about the priority placed on access and independent living. People with Disabilities are generally pedestrians or using public transport, yet considerations around access are always something that has to be justified and fought for.
Access and Independent Living are something which I will pursue at Council level for the benefit of everyone in our community.