Fueling Frustration: Government’s Carbon Tax Hits HomeAs May 1st approaches, households across the country are bracing for yet another cost of living increase. This time, it’s the application of a carbon tax to Home Heating Oil and Marked Gas Oil. While the government claims it’s a necessary step for environmental reasons, many are left feeling annoyed and burdened.

Why the Frustration?

  • Aontú’s Stand: Aontú, the party that didn’t sign up for this, is voicing its opposition. They argue that there are better ways to address climate change without squeezing already struggling families.
  • Knocking on Doors: Other party candidates, however, are knocking on your door, promising more of the same. But if you’re tired of rising costs and want real change, consider voting for the party with common sense.

The Impact:

  • Home Heating Oil: The tax will add a hefty €19.40 to the cost of filling a 900-liter tank of home heating oil or kerosene.
  • Marked Gas Oil: Gas prices will rise by €1.48 per 60-liter fill, hitting commuters and businesses alike.

Your Choice:

  • Are you ready for more of the same? Or do you want a government that listens to common sense? Your vote matters. Choose wisely on election day.