Cork Business To Expand Into The U.K

Cork Business To Expand Into The U.K

OBP, the Spanish brand that triumphs beyond our borders.
After confirmation of the award received for the daily diet All Ireland HiStyle shampoo for the best shampoo 2022, another big news is added.
OBP and JFM international barber academy sign one exclusive partnership for Ireland and the UK.
The Academy has recently won the EU Business Award for Best Hairdressing School of 2022 and HiStyle All Ireland Award for Best hairdressing Academy of 2022.
With this agreement, the signing will begin shortly, from the hand of JFM INTERNATIONAL, its expansion through the United Kingdom
What Is Eating Distress?

What Is Eating Distress?

The desire to look or appear a certain way, or have the perfect body image. Has been with us for a long time

The arrival of the glossy magazines and later social media pushed this a step further. It is all about the perfect body image and how to achieve it with weight management or loss programmes.

How you can have that perfect body image is one of the most successful business of our time using a simple strategy of cashing in on people’s insecurity about their image. LEARN MORE IN VIDEO




Energy fields exist in and around the human body and if your energy field is out of balance it manifests as illness in your body.

The aim of Bio Energy Therapy is to rebalance the energy within and around your body and thereby unlock your body’s own healing ability.

It is proven to help with the following:

  • Sleep disturbance
  • Lack of energy
  • Pain
  • Low motivation/ anxiety/ stress disorders
  • Depression
  • Wound healing
  • Emotional issues

These are just a few of many different conditions that will benefit from Bio Energy Therapy.

Post Covid Fatigue seems to be a condition that many people are going through at the moment, and Bio energy therapy may help with this condition.

  If you wish to book a treatment

Men And Eating Disorders

Men And Eating Disorders

There is a myth that only teenage girls and women suffer from eating disorders. Men are also under huge pressure to strive for a perfect body according to current trends. Very often men are under pressure to be fit and lean in the competitive sports world and begin to diet excessively. Conditions survive in shame, secrecy and silence.This makes it very difficult for any sufferer to come forward for help.

If men believe eating disorders are a feminine issue it may cause even more suffering or embarrassment. Eating disorders don’t have any gender boundaries. Studies now show that males diet, undergo cosmetic surgery, express body dissatisfaction, strive for perfection and put them self under huge pressure striving for an ideal body or very high fitness level.

There is a new condition under proposal but not yet accepted in the diagnostic category known as: compulsive athleticism.Men may also develop the Adonis Complex. Here the man strives to have very big muscles while having a totally fat free body. This condition has a distorted body image. Also it is said to be opposite of anorexia. Anorexia suffers can never be small enough; Adonis Complex sufferers can never have big enough muscles.

Men And Eating Disorders

Eating disorders are an extremely destructive disease

They can effect both men and women and any age group. They don’t have any social boundaries. So: it is fair to say anyone of us can develop an eating disorder. While many people believe recovery is about getting nutritional intake right and reaching an ideal body weight: this is not all that is required to recover from an eating disorder. There is a need for the person to learn about themselves and to understand how destructive this condition is. Very often families and friends watch as their loved one changes from the person they once knew. Behaviours such as excessive exercise, restricting or bingeing, angry outbursts, mood swings and isolation become a way of life. Sometimes it is this behaviours that alert family and friends that something is going on with their loved one. Remember conditions develop in secrecy, shame and silence. If you would like to learn more about eating disorders contact me on

Ever Wonder What Is Energy Healing?

Ever Wonder What Is Energy Healing?


Feeling ‘Stressed, Anxious, Burnt out?’

Shamanic energy healing can help you to become more in touch with what feels right for you. It will support and empower you to live the life of your choice. A Shamanic healing session will reunite you with your soul purpose. It is your birth right to live the life you choose. After a session you will feel renewed with a sense of purpose and light heartedness of the joy in the little things that make life meaningful. It can bring back aspects of yourself that were lost due to trauma, it will also remove any blockages that prevent you from living the life that you deserve.


Bio Energy healing works by removing any stagnant or blocked energy in your system. It also helps to realign the energy points of the body ‘Chakras’ It can help with many different conditions such as ‘depression & anxiety, digestive issues, sinus problems, back & spine injury, chronic pain, addictions’ to name but a few. 


Reiki energy healing can be combined with both Shamanic and Bio Energy healing to assist you on your path to self – healing. It is both a powerful yet gentle healing system that can support you to relax and allow healing to take place at a pace that feels right for you. On its own it can serve to relax and rejuvenate you in all areas of your life. Post Author