Stay Safe and Independent Why Choosing the Right Stairlift is Vital

Stay Safe and Independent Why Choosing the Right Stairlift is Vital

Choosing a proper stairlift for your home is crucial for maintaining safety and accessibility. Stairlifts are mobility aids that help individuals with mobility impairments navigate stairs safely and comfortably.

A proper stairlift should be selected based on the specific needs of the individual using it. Factors to consider when choosing a stairlift include the type of stairs, the user’s physical abilities, and the weight capacity of the lift.

In addition, it is important to consider the features and options available, such as the ability to adjust the seat height, the speed of the lift, and the ease of use of the controls.

By selecting a proper stairlift, individuals can improve their mobility, reduce the risk of falls, and maintain their independence in their own homes. It is important to consult with a professional to ensure that the stairlift is installed correctly and meets all safety standards.

Your Ultimate Eco-Friendly Heating Solution

Your Ultimate Eco-Friendly Heating Solution

When it comes to eco-friendly heating options, look no further than Boru Stoves is a leading brand that offers a range of stylish and sustainable heating solutions for environmentally conscious individuals.

At, you’ll find a wide selection of stoves that are made from high-quality materials, built to last and reduce waste. These stoves are designed to burn wood efficiently, producing fewer emissions and less smoke, making them clean-burning and eco-friendly.

One of the standout features of Boru Stoves is their commitment to sustainability. With their advanced combustion systems and user-friendly features, such as adjustable air controls and built-in ash pans, these stoves are not only efficient but also easy to use and maintain.Advertisement 

In addition to their eco-consciousness, Boru Stoves are also known for their stylish designs. With various styles and finishes available, you can choose a stove that complements your home’s aesthetic, adding warmth and elegance to any space.

Make a positive impact on the environment and your home with Boru Stoves. Visit today to explore their range of eco-friendly, stylish, and functional heating solutions that are perfect for a sustainable lifestyle.

Enhancing Home Accessibility and Mobility

Enhancing Home Accessibility and Mobility

Enhancing Home Accessibility and MobilityAs we age or face mobility challenges, navigating stairs can become a daunting task. That’s where Upwards Stairlifts Cork comes to the rescue. With their state-of-the-art stairlift solutions, they are revolutionizing home accessibility for individuals in Cork and beyond.

Upwards Stairlifts Cork offers a range of cutting-edge stairlifts that are designed to seamlessly blend into any home décor while providing top-notch functionality. Their team of experts ensures a smooth installation process, customizing the stairlift to fit the unique needs of each customer.

These stairlifts are not only ideal for seniors but also for anyone with physical disabilities or injuries, making it easier to move between floors and maintain independence at home. With Upwards Stairlifts Cork, individuals can enjoy enhanced mobility and safety, eliminating the risk of falls on stairs. ADVERTISMENT .

The company’s commitment to customer satisfaction, attention to detail, and exceptional service sets them apart in the industry. Upwards Stairlifts Cork is dedicated to helping individuals live a more comfortable and accessible life at home, making it a go-to choice for those in need of stairlift solutions in Cork and surrounding areas. Experience the convenience, safety, and freedom of movement with Upwards Stairlifts Cork.

Richard A Lifesaver For An 83Year Old Woman

Richard A Lifesaver For An 83Year Old Woman

Richard A Lifesaver For An 83Year Old WomanParents stairlift stopped working after recent powercut. My father totally reliant on it. Rang Richard on bank holiday Monday evening, he came out next day and got it sorted. Have no hesitation in recomnending him. A most reliable, efficient and amicable gentleman.

I was just recovering from a hip replacement when I broke my opposite ankle in 3 places. Richard came out immediately when I contacted him and 2 days later installed a refurbished stair lift for me at a very affordable price as I was under 65 and not entitled to any grant. He took only 4 hours to install it and it gave me back my freedom to stay, and to work from home


Richard came to repair our stairlift which is a lifesaver for my 83 yo mother. he was polite, professional, and did a wonderful job, i would recommend him and his company to anybody requiring this type of work.

How To Keep Cosy Without Paying Carbon Tax

How To Keep Cosy Without Paying Carbon Tax

A Tipperary based business have developed an innovative way of cutting your carbon tax bill in your home. Boru Stoves developed a range of stoves to enable homes to stay warm by using one our most natural resources.

Folssil fuel  is slowly becoing a thing of the past and will get more expensive with the introduction of carbon tax. Households are been advised to use smokeless fuel. This is wery expensive on the average household

I spoke to one family who purchhassed one of the Boru Stoves  “Have to say our Boru Stove has completely changed our home. Heats the whole house. Have it 7 years and delighted with it”

How To Avail Of Housing Adaptation Grant Of Up To €6000.

How To Avail Of Housing Adaptation Grant Of Up To €6000.

upWARDs Lifts help property owners in Cork  and throughout Munster complete housing adaptations by installing stairlifts that have been approved as part of a housing adaptation grant.

The Mobility Aids Grant Scheme provides grants for works designed to address mobility problems in the home, such as the purchase and installation of a stairlift. The scheme is primarily for older people, but people with a disability can also apply.

Local Authorities Click your local authority below to access and download the application form:CORK KERRY  CORK  COUNTY[/button] KERRY TIPPERARY WATERFORD

Where can I find a housing adaptation grant form? I encourage residents in Cork, Tipperary, Kerry and Waterford to get in touch with their local authority by visiting their respective websites and downloading the application form. Find links to your local authority above.

How do I know if I am eligible for a housing adaptation grant? The Mobility Aids Grant scheme is available for people with a household income of less than €30,000 per year. Applicants will also be subject of a means test before receiving an approval for their housing adaptation grant.

How much is the housing adaptation grant? The maximum grant available is €6000. Grant amounts are subject to the funding of each local authority and their decision on whether to pay the full grant amount or a percentage.

70K Homes Saved 62% On Heating Bills With This Simple Device

70K Homes Saved 62% On Heating Bills With This Simple Device

You don’t have to be reminded that the cost of heating your home has increased and will increase further as we get towards winter months. Oil and gas will increase by another 47% if not more. Smokeless coal will be compulsory for all households. You will no longer be allowed burn turf or any fossil fuel.

In a recent survey carried out we asked households who installed a stove had they seen savings in heating their homes, within 5 months. In the survey users stated that they noticed that heat was been retained in the rooms and not blowing heat up the chimney, which was good for the environment.

It was also noticed that some restaurants and pubs had moved away from the open fire and now use stoves which saved substantially on the cost of heating the seating and dining area.

Get Yourself A Stove It Going To Be Cold

Rain will develop from the north through this evening and early night and it will become cold and clear with a fresh northerly wind. The rain will turn to sleet at times over the mountains. Lowest temperatures ranging from zero to plus 1 degrees with frost forming in light to moderate northerly winds.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, will be a predominately dry and sunny day with just isolated showers on the west coast. Noticeably colder than recent days with highest temperatures of 4 to 6 degrees in moderate northwesterly winds, backing westerly and easing later.

Tuesday night wil be dry with mostly clear skies. Lowest temperatures of minus 2 to plus 2 degrees with a widespread sharp frost developing in light to moderate westerly breezes. Cloud will build over parts of the west later in the night, with the chance of some light rain developing in the southwest towards morning.

A cold, frosty start to Wednesday with sunny spells developing. Overall it will be a largely dry day with just some coastal showers. Highest afternoon temperatures of 4 to 6 degrees in mostly light westerly breezes, backing southerly later. During the evening, cloud will thicken from the west with rain developing on western coasts on Wednesday night, extending eastwards across the country overnight along with strengthening southerly winds. The rain will be heavy in places with localised flooding possible. Lowest temperatures of zero to minus 2 degrees, coldest in the eastern half of the country early in the night.

Thursday will be a windy day with rain clearing eastwards through the morning, followed by widespread blustery showers of rain, sleet and hail. Highest afternoon temperatures of 7 to 9 degrees early in the day, then turning colder again as the rain clears in fresh to strong and gusty west to southwest winds, with onshore gales on Atlantic coasts.

Friday will be mostly dry for much of the country for much of the day, with showers confined to coasts of the west and north. A moderate southwest to west wind will be fresh on coasts and temperatures will be between 5 and 7 degrees in the afternoon and between plus 2 and plus 4 degrees overnight.

Current indications suggest a wet and breezy day on Saturday with a drier and calmer day in store for Sunday.