Endometriosis Association of Ireland chairwoman Ilanna Darcy said that ‘what is sorely lacking in Ireland is data’.

There thousands of people with the really chronic endo where they can’t work and have daily chronic pain, are there hundreds? We don’t know

The Endometriosis Association of Ireland (EAI) emphasizes the need for more research on endometriosis to understand its impact on Irish women.

EAI Chairwoman, Ilanna Darcy, who herself has asymptomatic endometriosis, highlights the lack of data on the number of women affected and the severity of their conditions. She welcomes the development of specialist centres in Cork


She stresses the need for proper funding for the national framework. The issue of seeking treatment abroad is sensitive, with Romania being a popular choice for patients.

The conference will also feature a panel on women’s health innovation, including Siobhan Kelleher from OnaWave Medical.