Revitalizing Ireland’s Fishing Sector A Call to ActionPatrick Murphy, CEO of Irish South and West Fisheries Producers, has made a passionate plea to the Irish government. He urges them to show their commitment to the fishing industry by launching a campaign promoting fish consumption in Ireland.

This initiative aims to educate the public about the health benefits of fish and support the struggling fishing sector. Murphy highlights that the fishing industry, currently contributing €1.3 billion to the economy and providing over 11,000 jobs, could flourish with government backing.

He emphasizes the untapped potential of Ireland’s rich marine resources, which could significantly boost the economy and create sustainable jobs. However, he also points out the challenges faced by the fishing community, including harsh working conditions and low wages.

Murphy questions why the government isn’t doing more to protect the rights of the indigenous Irish fishing communities. He calls for a fairer distribution of fish caught in Irish waters and stresses the need for the government to fight for these rights in Europe