Pat Murphy ( AONTÚ) Calls Urgent Action To Improve Our Naval Service.The recent discovery of a significant drug seizure at Cork Port has reignited discussions about the necessity for increased naval patrols in Irish waters. Gardai intercepted over €30 million worth of crystal meth, believed to be en route to Australia, during transit through Cork.

Patrick Murphy, representing the Irish South and West Fish Producers Organisation and candidate in European Elections (Ireland South), stresses the urgency of enhancing patrols to thwart the trafficking of drugs through Irish waters into mainland Europe. He emphasized the importance of investing in the naval service to ensure effective surveillance of our maritime territories.

In an interview with RedFM News, Murphy expressed concern over the insufficient resources allocated to the naval services. He highlighted the sacrifices made by the dedicated men and women of the naval forces, emphasizing the toll on their personal lives due to extended periods at sea, akin to fishermen. Murphy condemned the current situation as unacceptable and called for immediate action to rectify it.

Source RED FM