Nature Restoration Act Vote Postponed: Ireland South Candidate Applauds Patrick Murphy, a candidate from Aontú for the Ireland South constituency.speaking on KERRY RADIO has expressed his approval of the Council of Minister’s decision to postpone the vote on the contested Nature Restoration Act1.

According to Murphy, the act appears to have failed to secure the majority approval required in the European Council1. The European Parliament had already agreed to the regulations, but the Council of Ministers decided to delay their vote when it became clear that some countries would no longer support it..


Murphy stated that he is heartened by this development and believes that this law should not be passed until strict land property rights are established1. The Nature Restoration Law aims to significantly improve biodiversity and ecosystems by setting legally binding targets for projects such as re-wetting1. Despite the postponement, Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has stated that work will continue to achieve formal adoption of the regulation in the coming months1.