Murphy Defends the Inclusive Role of Cash in SocietyAontú MEP candidate for Ireland South, Patrick Murphy, expresses satisfaction with the proposed Access to Cash Bill brought to Cabinet by Finance Minister Michael McGrath. The bill aims to uphold the vital role of cash in society, countering the push towards a cashless society that could marginalize a significant portion of the population.

Murphy applauds the decision, citing Aontú’s longstanding campaign against initiatives by entities like AIB, the GAA, and the NCT to eliminate cash. He emphasizes that cash, being the most inclusive means of payment, ensures access for all citizens, regardless of age, skill level, or internet access.

Highlighting the democratic nature of cash, Murphy points out its autonomy-boosting benefits, particularly for the 350,000 people without bank accounts. He stresses the importance of cash in rural areas with unreliable phone and internet coverage, where excluding cash transactions would adversely affect citizens living just outside main towns.

Murphy criticizes the NCT’s decision to end cash transactions, deeming it more damaging than banking choices, given the NCT’s mandatory status for driving. The government’s move to maintain cash transactions is seen as a positive step towards financial inclusion for all members of society. Join the cause to protect inclusive financial transactions!