Patrick Murphy, an Aontú candidate, criticizes the government’s handling of the International Protection Applicants’ (IPA) accommodation crisis. He believes it’s risking social cohesion and integration. Murphy supports peaceful protest and defends free speech, but he’s concerned about the government’s manipulation of language to silence criticism.

He accuses the government of mismanagement, particularly in its failure to enact 85% of deportation orders and its wasteful spending on empty properties for IPAs. He criticizes the government’s plan to rent empty properties from private landlords for housing asylum seekers, calling it ‘grossly irresponsible’ and a threat to integration and cohesion.


He also accuses the government of conflating migrant workers with illegal immigrants, which he sees as unjust and disingenuous. Murphy calls for immediate action on deportation orders and a thorough examination of the government’s failures. He believes the main opposition parties are failing voters by not holding the government accountable. Despite these issues, he maintains that Irish people are warm and welcoming towards migrant workers.