Clearly we see another law introduced that is not properly explained and the consequences are dire for Irish people.
Flooding remedial works, building of all sorts including public building such as schools and hospitals will now be affected. I used the word reckless in my interview with Gerry O Sullivan on Kerry Radio yesterday.

I will now up grade it to dangerous. I expressed my concerns for years on the Directions the European Commission is taking us, for years, even though I am not an MEP as I spend alot of my time meeting with the Commission to discuss their program on such issues, I am present as a key stakeholder, problem is few of our MEPs understand what it is they are being told. This is why Ireland is losing out in Europe in many key areas.

As a Aontu Candidate in June Elections I am asking you to consider loaning me your vote so I can work for Ireland for the next 5 years and promise you I will consult you the people while I am there regularly and it will not be five years time before you see of hear from me just before the election.
Can you name you current MEPs ?
If not ask yourself why?