Water Safety in the Regional ParkIt is a sad and alarming fact that drownings are an ever present danger where there is a body of water. The community in Ballincollig is all too aware of this. We are blessed to have this amazing recreational facility in the Regional Park but it is not without risk and we must be vigilant.

On average between 2017 and 2021 there have been a total of 118 drownings per year in Ireland.

Males represent 76% of drownings in Ireland.

Some aspects of drowning that we should all be aware of is that it is often silent and fast.

In 67% of cases people are engaged in other recreational activities such as walking, hiking, swimming before they drown.

Where children are concerned, vigilance is the single greatest factor in reducing child drownings, according to Water Safety Ireland.
(All statistics from Water Safety Ireland)

As a frequent user of the Park I’ve had a few close shaves near the water myself. This has made me keenly aware of the potential for accidents near the water.

The opening of the Fionn Laoi Loop Walk brought a welcome new extension to the Regional Park. However, the access to the water there is extensive. It was with this in mind that I raised the issue of the absence of Lifebuoys with Cork City Council in 2021 along this stretch when it was initially opened. It gives me great satisfaction to know that the Council took swift action to rectify the situation once it was brought to their attention