Regional Park Vandalism: Community Outcry & Taxpayer BurdenIt is very sad to see a distressing image of vandalism emerge, once again, from the Regional Park. Early Saturday morning this picnic bench was destroyed by fire. This seems to be a cyclical occurrence in the Park once the fine weather and brighter days approach.

Many people in our community have expressed their outrage to me that these spates of vandalism are occurring. I think there is often a notion entertained by some in authority that these are somehow victimless crimes. They aren’t. The community as a whole is a victim.

The families who use these picnic tables for recreational activities are victims and of course, the tax payer who has to foot the bill for replacement is also a victim. This type of criminal activity has a knock on effect on when it is allowed to go unchecked.

I have been in contact with Cork City Council and An Garda Siochána to express my concerns and those of the community of Ballincollig that this behaviour is taking off again in the Regional Park.