TIPS TO BE TAXEDA new law designed to protect tips received by workers will come into effect today.

The Payment of Wages (Tips and Gratuities) Act 2022 will see employees given legal rights over the payment of tips.

The legislation will force employers to display their policy on mandatory charges and the distribution of cash and card tips.

Adrian Cummins, chief executive of the Restaurants Association of Ireland, says staff will be taxed for tips paid electronically.

“We welcome the new legislation for tips, like gratuities and service charge. It gives more clarity for staff and for customers when they’re dining out across the country. It’s something we’ve been advocating for as an organisation.

“We will be saying to the Government that there are unintended consequences to this, which is the taxation element.”

How To Avail Of Housing Adaptation Grant Of Up To €6000.

How To Avail Of Housing Adaptation Grant Of Up To €6000.

upWARDs Lifts help property owners in Cork  and throughout Munster complete housing adaptations by installing stairlifts that have been approved as part of a housing adaptation grant.

The Mobility Aids Grant Scheme provides grants for works designed to address mobility problems in the home, such as the purchase and installation of a stairlift. The scheme is primarily for older people, but people with a disability can also apply.

Local Authorities Click your local authority below to access and download the application form:CORK KERRY  CORK  COUNTY[/button] KERRY TIPPERARY WATERFORD

Where can I find a housing adaptation grant form? I encourage residents in Cork, Tipperary, Kerry and Waterford to get in touch with their local authority by visiting their respective websites and downloading the application form. Find links to your local authority above.

How do I know if I am eligible for a housing adaptation grant? The Mobility Aids Grant scheme is available for people with a household income of less than €30,000 per year. Applicants will also be subject of a means test before receiving an approval for their housing adaptation grant.

How much is the housing adaptation grant? The maximum grant available is €6000. Grant amounts are subject to the funding of each local authority and their decision on whether to pay the full grant amount or a percentage.

How To Keep Cosy Without Paying Carbon Tax

How To Keep Cosy Without Paying Carbon Tax

A Tipperary based business have developed an innovative way of cutting your carbon tax bill in your home. Boru Stoves developed a range of stoves to enable homes to stay warm by using one our most natural resources.

Folssil fuel  is slowly becoing a thing of the past and will get more expensive with the introduction of carbon tax. Households are been advised to use smokeless fuel. This is wery expensive on the average household

I spoke to one family who purchhassed one of the Boru Stoves  “Have to say our Boru Stove has completely changed our home. Heats the whole house. Have it 7 years and delighted with it”