In this episode of Women of Influence TV, Anne Marie McIllwraith, a dynamic woman from Cork, Ireland, discusses her groundbreaking project, “Empower Youth.” The initiative focuses on holistic education, including practical and technical skills for 12 to 18-year-old boys, covering skincare, haircare, nail care, cancer awareness, and mental health. Anne Marie, driven by a sense of duty as a mother and with personal experiences, founded the programme to fill the gap in teaching essential life skills to boys.

The project’s core emphasizes building self-esteem and preparing young men for their growth journey. Amry shares her journey of formulating the program, accrediting it with CPD, and publishing a book to make its impact globally recognized. The goal is to collaborate with educators, education departments, and key influencers interested in delivering this program to boys and teens. Interested parties can connect through the Empower Youth website, email, or social media.