Street Angels Are The Real Angles Of Mercy For The The Homeless Of Cork

Street Angels Are The Real Angles Of Mercy For The The Homeless Of Cork

STREET ANGEL’s is a Non-Profit Voluntary Organisation.

We operate solely on the generous donations from the People of Cork City & County.

Our Aim is to provide both physical & emotional support to vulnerable people at risk/or in a situation of homelessness throughout Cork City & County.

We offer Hope, Dignity, Empathy & Respect to our Service Users & continuously work to raise awareness for the increasing rise in population of Homelessness.

We believe our Service User’s & less fortunate people of society have a fundamental right to have their basic needs met, we believe that this is PARAMOUNT in today’s society

Our services are but not limited to an Outreach Run every Monday Night at 7pm outside the Savoy, providing Hot Dinners, Food Bag’s, Drinks, Toiletries, Clothing, Sleeping Bags and Tents as required.

We also provide food hampers to families in Emergency Accommodation & work with Service Users to ascertain long term accommodation & access to relevant support networks.

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“We don’t want to UPSET them

“We don’t want to UPSET them

your opinionIt’s funny, we have changed our way if life to accommodate people coming to our country so we won’t offend them!….. But when our own people decide to leave and seek residence in another country we are EXPECTED to conform to that host nations routines and so on…… and we comply.. willingly and happily!

Why have we let ourselves down by letting other tell us to change and by doing so loosing our identity and our spines!

“We don’t want to UPSET them!”

Look where that got us!!

We’ve gone through so much as a people for hundreds of years and we have been put in chains and dehumanised but we don’t cry INJUSTICE at every opportunity

Certain kids in this country need to be shown the history of Ireland and maybe they’d Cop On!!


“We don’t want to UPSET them

Government will get me new one

Seen a woman in Dublin years ago when getting on a bus on Dame Street.The bus was full and driver said can’t take you and the buggy. She took the child out and left the buggy in the side of the road and literally said “Government will get me new one”. If you or me did that we’d be laughed at and told to go fetch the one we left on the side of the road.

At a wedding in Poland and people were saying how they all thought the Irish were idiots for leaving a loophole open for foreign nationals to come over and claim dole for them while they didn’t live in the country.

A sign at a building site in a Polish city saying “No Irish need apply”

We’ve given too much of ourselves over the years and it should be made stop!


We are shown contempt by many nations who are lucky to be here

As a host nation for any refugees Ireland has to be one of the most relaxed and laid back places anyone could hope to come to!  Yet, were shown contempt by many nations who are lucky to be here.

Europe has seen to it we have become a second class citizen in our own country and our Government as allowed it to happen!!

We, as a people have had hundreds of years of oppression and slavery. Our lands taken, made starve to death while the lucky ones were taken on ships to be sold as slaves in other countries.

Yet, we help out those in need only to get slapped in the face time and time again!!!

I say enough!! S.O’C