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About Our Tuition Centre

We provide Maths grinds to students both in Secondary School and 3rd Level. Our excellent team offer 1-1 and small group grinds.

Location: SMA Wilton Parish Centre, Wilton, Cork

Telephone: (+353) 87 346 5154

Email: [email protected]


Really Helpful

Eoghan and other teachers have helped many students across the country. I highly recommend signing up. Thank you for your support

Louisa (Student)

Exactly What I Needed To Work On

Very helpful for finding out what I needed to work on and giving me the confidence in my ability to get the grade I want.

Amy (Student)

I Would Highly Recommend

I have given this pre to my students for the past 3 years. It is a super focal point and it keeps students motivated. I would highly recommend.

Catherine (Teacher)

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