We will revise the HL LC Maths course over 21 days, doing 30 minute lessons per day!! Each day we will cover questions from a particular topic which are most likely to appear on this year’s LC HL Maths papers! (EG 3D Diagrams when we are doing Trigonometry).

“You learn Maths by doing Maths”. You will be practicing questions during the lessons and as Mr. O’Leary goes through the solutions he will point out the key words/phrases in the questions to help identify the question type you are facing. You will also find out the places where students make most mistakes in the exam.

You will have access to the recordings of each lesson which can be used to revise again as the exams approach, and to ensure that you get the grade you are aiming for!!

The short 30 minute lessons will keep you focussed and motivated during the final few weeks before the exams!

You will also have an opportunity to email in questions you are stuck on and we will send you back the solution!

Course starts: Sunday May 23rd (you can book in at any time)
Time: 8:00pm Every Evening

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