STOLEN POSTERS IS AN EGREGIOUS ATTACK ON DEMOCRACYA first-time election candidate who says several of his posters have been removed has rounded on the perpetrators accusing them of ‘attacking democracy ‘.

Aontú’s Patrick Murphy who is standing for Ireland South in the European Elections and Bantry LEA in the locals, both to be held on the 7th June, says

“I’m disgusted by this. It’s very frustrating to see this after all the time and effort by volunteers who are working night and day and giving of their time freely and gladly to help us. Aontú is a small party . We don’t receive state funding and we simply don’t have the money to hire people to put up posters all over the place, like other parties do. My friends and my sons and daughters are out putting up my posters around Ballydehob and surrounds because they believe in Aontú and they believe in me. We have approximately less than 10% of the posters of the bigger parties so it’s very disheartening that the little of what we have are being taken”.

“I’m putting myself out there for the first time; I’ve never been involved in politics before but I am so worried about the gutting of our fishing industry and the same damaged being replicated for our farming sector that I felt duty bound to put myself forward”.

“I may disagree with several politician and parties, but I wouldn’t dream of taking down their posters or destroying any of their election materials. I am a democrat and there is space for all in a true, healthy and functioning democracy”.

“I have reported this matter to the Gardai this morning and I want action on this. I would urge the public to report any incident of illegal tampering of my posters too or indeed the illegal tampering of any posters for any parties as I am a passionate believer in justice and taking down posters is an absolute injustice”.