This is the best place to get a shave and/or cut for hair and Face. The staff are very professional extremely polite and very customer focused. I have to say if you want to just relax de-stress or even just chill out get a shave here. The wet towel shave is absolutely amazing. You feel so relaxed you could fall asleep.
They even massage you when getting hot towel. If you want to shave as a relaxed opportunity or even just a proper shave this 100 per cent the place to come. They shave with attention to Extreme detail. The shave is so smooth after it you it is like you’ve never ever had hair on your face.
They use excellent products for the shave and your skin feels so smooth and breathable. I would highly highly recommend this place for a shave cut or even just a treat for yourself. It is perfect place to come with your best friend, father son or even just come yourself. You can book online, pop in and book or even phone them.
They are very flexible here but equally it is always busy so if you plan to have a relaxing shave book ahead. I would rate this service top class especially in comparison to others around the city centre and Europe. The place is located very centrally and it is actually quite easy to miss if you don’t shop around this area.
I would recommend this to all locals, tourists and/or those who are passing through for a day visit. They absolutely amazing here and I am certain you can not find a better quality service than this place. Thank you guys for giving me an awesome shave making me feel so relaxed and for making me look 20 years younger. Thank you