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How To Claim Travel Expenses While Working From Home

If you want to learn how to claim these expenses. Just become a councillor or a politician. They are been paid travel expense’s while working from their homes. and us the private sector are foolish enough to fund this It is called a millage allowance.

How many miles is it from your kitchen to where your computer is located in your home. They cannot find the funding to increase pay our health care workers and other frontline workers who are stretched to their limits.

The following extract is from Fionnan Sheahan  Irish Independent

Politicians are being paid mileage to attend virtual meetings at home, it has emerged. Councillors from across all parties on some councils are getting expenses, as normal, despite the Covid-19 restrictions.

And the controversy over the failure to pay student nurses and a forthcoming vote on a public sector pay deal has resulted in the delay of a substantial pay rise for councillors.

A councillor has complained to the Department of Housing that local authorities across the country are “paying mileage to elected members for journeys that are simply not being made”.

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