Free Parking At Your Place Of Work To End

With the cost of travelling to work increasing. Now our government want to remove free parking at your place of work The introduction of a minimum parking charge in all urban areas are among the measures the government are looking into.

 The introduction of congestion charges for journeys across “marked cordons” might also be on the cards in what are termed “a collective basket of measures” that could collectively achieve a 50% reduction in the carbon footprint.

An increase in fuel costs by up 65% by 2030 compared to 2018 prices is seen as a disincentive yo people to use their private cars. The measures are contained in a plan for each sector to deliver the Government’s Climate Action targets.

The plan aims to encourage other forms of travel by possibly having more car free urban centres and improving school transport options.

Under this plan by 2030 there would be a 25% cut to daily car journeys, a 50% increase in walking and cycling journeys and a 130% increase in the number of public transport journeys every day.

The Government will aim to have 30% of cars as electric vehicles by 2030.

However, the plan when it is agreed later today is expected to recommend reducing public sector parking where there is good public transport.

Also minimum car parking requirements near public buildings could be removed if there is a good public transport service nearby. Plus in areas well serviced by public transport there would be less on street car parking spaces and local authorities would be asked to begin moving towards the “market pricing” of car parking.