ENERGY CREDIT TEXT SCAMWe are aware of texts being sent to people telling them to click on a link to claim an energy credit. These texts link to a site that looks like There is no such scheme being offered by the government and people are warned not to click on the link or enter any personal details.

What to do if you get strange texts or emails Be careful of texts or emails that ask for personal details or ask you to click a link.

check the URL or address of the site – links from government will always have as part of the address
take a screenshot of any suspicious email or text message so that you have a record of it
contact your local Garda station if you believe you are a victim of a cyber-crime
change your online passwords to secure passwords – keep your passwords private
do not click on any suspicious links in emails or text messages
do not respond to suspicious messages that direct you to send money or change your bank details
do not share content from untrusted sources on social media – this can create fear among people
What to do if you get suspicious phone calls
Be careful of suspicious phone calls..