Endangered Asiatic Lion Cubs Born at Fota Wildlife ParkFota Wildlife Park in Ireland has welcomed the birth of three endangered Asiatic lion cubs, a momentous event for the park’s conservation efforts. The male cubs were born a month ago to lioness Arya, who was part of the first lion cub litter born at Fota almost seven years ago.

The Asiatic lion is classified as endangered, with a wild population of only 500-600 individuals, making wildlife parks like Fota crucial in safeguarding the species. The cubs, weighing around 4.5 kilos each, have been thriving under the care of their experienced mother, Arya, and their attentive father, Yali.

The park’s lead ranger, Julien Fonteneau, expressed his speaking to RTE NEWS delight, stating that the cubs are vital to Fota’s breeding program and the global efforts to preserve the Asiatic lion population. The cubs will be ready to breed themselves when they reach two years old, and a decision will be made at that time whether to keep them at Fota or send them elsewhere for breeding.


Fota Wildlife Park is inviting the public to suggest names for the three cubs PRESS HERE TO NAME, as the park continues to celebrate this significant milestone in its conservation work.