Cork Beauty Salon Has The Magic Touch. “A Happy Customers Story”.

Cork Beauty Salon Has The Magic Touch. “A Happy Customers Story”.

Delighted with the progress on the laser treatment I received 5 weeks ago on a burst blood vessel on my nose. Spider veins are not a pretty thing and I always got worked up over this red dot on my nose. It would bring me down, I was paranoid and thinking that’s all people were looking at when they were talking to me.

Being asked constantly is that a spot, a bruise and most recently asked oh u poor thing is your nose all marked from the mask. I can now go out in confidence and show off my nose its the little things that can help someone and it has brought back all the confidence in myself. For years I’ve worked in the makeup industry and my appearance meant everything to me.

I’m a young mother of 2 beautiful little boys and I just wanted to be back to my happy self for them and not worry anymore about going out in public thinking people are just looking at my nose. For years in school I was mocked over the size of my nose and it always stuck with me and I was always paranoid, then that red mark appeared 3years ago at the age of 28. That’s when it all came flooding back, the tears the memories of the bullying and my own mental health was being effected

I had to do something for myself and my family. The mark appeared over sun damage and I wouldn’t have been great with putting on sun screen in my younger years but its a lesson learned, I couldn’t stop the bullying when I was younger but I could stop this and I did with the amazing help from Susan Ryan. I was always following Susan’s work on Facebook and I was sitting down one night and I saw a post she put up about spider veins and my partner said to me if you don’t book it I will. He said I’m beautiful inside and out but I just needed the confidence back in myself.

So I booked it and I have to admit I was more excited about that booking then i was booking a holiday. The big day finally came and Susan was fantastic, such a lovely person went through everything in great detail and made me feel comfortable and confident from the minute I walked into the salon. I honestly can’t thank Susan enough for what she has done for me and now I know where to go for all my beauty needs.

Marion O Shea.