Skibbereen Community School students Lucy McCarthy, Leah Carey, Abbey Caverley, Jamie Collins and Andrew Scannell at Teen Talk 2022.
Teen Talk 2022 – A Health & Wellbeing Event for TY Students which was held at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Little Island, led by Cork County Council & Healthy Ireland. Presenters included Anna Geary, Broadcaster and former Camogie star; Stephen McDonnell, former Cork Hurling star and director of LiveUnbound; Donna Kennedy, Psychologist, Mentor and Bestselling author; Daragh Fleming, Advocate SeeChange Ireland; Sheila Naughton, Advocate SeeChange Ireland, and Pat Slattery, International Speaker, Mentor and Coach.
Students from over 30 schools from around Cork attended this event both in person and virtually with over 3,000 TY students being reached.
Pic: Brian Lougheed

Over 3,500 teenagers from Cork County joined the in person and live streamed event on positive mental health.

Developing resilience, growing awareness and the importance of positive mental health was the theme of this year’s Teen Talk event organised and coordinated by Cork County Council and funded by Healthy Ireland through the Local Community Development Committees. This hugely successful event, now in its 5th year, created specifically for transition year students, took place in the Radisson Hotel in Little Island, Cork with an audience of 450 students in person with another 33 schools tuning into the, resulting in a total audience of 3,500 plus students

The Teen Talk events discussed resilience, creating a positive mindset, addiction & other mental health topics with speakers including Anna Geary, Stephen McDonnell, Donna Kennedy, Sheila Naughton, Daragh Fleming and Pat Slattery.

Mayor of the County of Cork, Cllr. Danny Collins said, “Through our annual Teen Talk events we look to engage with teenagers to respect the challenges they face, particularly in these difficult times. Learning about different experiences and different perspectives can be hugely reassuring. It’s alwa…
Chief Executive of Cork County Council, Tim Lucey says “It is important to support our teenagers, particularly in challenging times. The Teen Talk initiative is an excellent example of the role of Cork County Council in supporting our community. Through the work of the Council, Healthy Ireland and t…
The initiative is part of the Healthy Ireland Initiative by Cork County Council’s three Local Community Development Committees (LCDCs). LCDCs comprise of public and private partners who promote and support economic, local and community development through greater integration in the planning and delivery of local and community development services and interventions.